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Clients & Commissioning

Clients & Commissioning


- Talpa; Portraits candidates the Voice of Holland 1st edition (eg. Dean Saunders, Sarina Voorn)

- BNN/Sophie Hilbrand, "je zal het maar zijn" television programme photo series
- Beeing project Amsterdam (de Traay): labels 7 actresses for honeybee project
- Pickle Factory / ANWB

- Museum van Loon Amsterdam (interior / exterior promo materials)

- Urban Interest Investments, promotional materials & shopping  mall inventory imaging nation wide

- Sultan Naleye Buddista productions "butterfly biennale Istanbul project"
- Sophie Walraven "art @the scrapyard project"




   Eva Bartels, Lobke van Beuzekom, Charly Dagelet, Anna Drijver, Carice van Houten, Wendy Klaver Design,

   Hadewijch Minis, Narouz Moltzer, Halina Reijn, Rosa Reuten, Tecla Reuten, Terence Schreurs, Mart Smeets,

   Frederike Top Design, Alexander Turney, Hanna Verboom, Sanne Vogel, Sarina Voorn, Jeroen Willems,

   Eva van Wijdeven, Aisa Winter, Chris Zegers

"Esthetics of the concealed"


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