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Riding school

(Stables Hollansche Manege Amsterdam)


Big strong muscleled horses waiting in the dark stables for somebody to ride in the riding school arena. I wanted to 'catch' the atmosphere in the dark stables. Finally I decided to work some weeks in the stables to attain some 'trust' from the horses with my big analog equipment in their little space.



Animals are treated very well in these stables. I hope the 'once a year holliday in the  meadows will be extended to some more 'out of the school' events. Thank you HMA Management for facilitating my shoots.


Prints are for sale in limited editions (7 prints each)

Circus! (Bellie Wien)


A circus with 'wildlife' and artists, both (!) vulnerable performing their acts.  A documentary about circus 'behind' the curtains, opened and closed. ​ Wildlife performances are banned by law in the Netherlands in sep 2015. Documentary made in 2013

The Circus business is slowly vanishing. It is a profession, with hard working conditions for all employees. All working hard from early morning untill midnight. Rehearsing, performing, taking care of the animals and building /breaking tents.

There is some discussion going on about (wild) animals being used in the Circus. I can understand people prefer animals living free in the wild. Otherwise we do (!) use animals for being looked at in zoos, pets at home and a lot of animals are beeing used for food industry just to serve as our meal. It could be argued that animals held in the circus are moor poor animals as other animals mentioned. In all months visiting the circus I have observed them being treated very well. The circus depends on their healthy state of body and mind!

Adults and children, not being able to visit wildlife in real are really impressed seeing the wildlife and maybe... stimulated to encourage projects for helping animals in the wild being supported and protected from vanishing on earth.

I am realy greatfull for beeing given this opportunity and I thank Roman, circus director and all artists/employees for being so warm and welcomming and supportive. The hospitality was impressing. Thank you all for your kindness!


Book sold out. Prints are for sale in limited editions (7 prints each).

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