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The Balian project

July 2015-August 2015: Two months in Bali Indonesia for making a photo 'art'-documentary about Balians! Balians are 'sjamanic healers' in Bali mediating between spirits and your personal spirit to help with eg. health issues.

An intensive period to realise an 'art documentary' about this topic for graduation at Photo Academy Amsterdam and 'documentary work' for publishing (publishers are welcome to contact me on this topic!)

I am very gratefull for the openness and enthousiasm of all Balians who agreed on my photographing presence (varying from hours to days) during their treatments. Any future profits related to this work will be shared with them. Also greatfull to all patients visiting the Balians and permitting me photographing them during their treatments. Suksemo (Balinese 'thank you!')!

To see a sneak preview of my work, please visit my page 'balians'

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