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Work in Progress

The Balian Project


July/August 2015 I stayed 2 months in Bali Indonesia to make an 'documentary' series of Balians (Sjamanic Healers on Bali). Graduation project for Photo Academy Amsterdam.


Currently scanning and editing this work and collaborating with designer and bookprinter for presentation in a book. Orientating on publishing the more documentary work by broadcast and/or print.


Interested in proceedings/publishing or donating for Balians work? Feel absolutely free contacting me. Any earnings from publishing or photography sale will be shared/donated to the Balians who so generously contributed to this project by welcoming me and allowing me to make this work.

How vulnerable we are


The project 'how vulnerable we are' is an ongoing project about esthetics of vulnerability and vulnerability of esthetics. Work is continuously added and exhibitions, publications and shoots around this theme will probably be a life lasting project. 



Any creative idea's or remarks around this theme? Please feel free to contact me. Interested in modeling/participating in a photo shoot contributing to this theme? Please do contact me! Highly appreciated.

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